29 June 2017

Lyrics -- Last Wolf I (forthcoming)

1 last wolf I

out there on the land
in the shadow 
in the stark white light
offset by darkness

in a staked plain motel
i lie on the bed
in blue and red shadows
and stare at the mirrors

and what's in the mirror? (x8)

it was the last wolf (x 4)

out there in the weeds
where the buffalo died
in petroleum hills
where the millions

near the boarded up mall
at the edge of town
in the wind tousled grass
is a lesson to heed

and what's in the mirror? (x8)

it was the last wolf (x 8)

21 June 2017

Excerpt -- "Roots" -- nonfiction

The ephemerality of life and the resiliency of nature and the healing power of the wild and -- it was at this moment that a boot-sharpened root, protruding from the trail, split the distance between two toes and pierced the soft skin deep, deeper, deepest, pulling me out of reverie as I yelped in pain, tossed down my walking poles, cursed the goddamn trail and the goddamn forest and the goddamn moron who wore Chacos into the wilderness. 

06 June 2017

"Sinclair" - Excerpt

"Dude, there's a camera right there. Right there in the corner. I can't help it if you don't see it. It's right there. I see it. They're filming you right now. So, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna steal my car, or are you gonna get the hell out of here? They're filming you talking to me right now. Make up your fucking mind."

The guy runs, I get gas, there's no camera.